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We specialize in Natural Haircare, Braiding, Constructive styling and Everything inbetween!!

Our Mission

At Driz Hair Salon we are committed to helping you achieve your best look while maintaining the total health of your hair.We take pride in offering the best treatments available using top of the line products. We aim to exceed expectations and prioritize the strength and health of your hair over passing trends and fads that will otherwise compromise it.


We are experienced in hair restoration, maintenance, growth while upholding the latest trends and fashions the industry has to offer!

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Our Staff

We are team of passionate, hard working and skilled stylists with a wealth of experience starting anew in the heart of Duluth, GA. We strive to be apart of the revolution in the hair industry which focuses on hair health. Every service is customized to suit your specific needs. We offer a wide variety of services at affordable pricing without sacrificing quality or convenience.

Rosemary Gabriel

Originally from Nigeria Rosemary was no stranger to the beauty business growing up. Her mom was a hairstylist among other trades and had a passion for enhancing women's beauty. This greatly influenced her and she started braiding and styling hair from the age of five. She went ahead and pursued a bachelors degree in Mass Communications and dove head first into the corporate world. However she was still not fulfilled, after getting married migrating and having three beautiful children she decided to embrace her first love of hair. She made the decision to enroll in beauty school where she excelled making student of the year and met her "Partner in crime" Tali. After completing the program and gaining her cosmetology license she began her journey to opening her very own full Service Salon.

Tali Savage

Born and raised in Kingston Jamaica soon after high school she began pursuing a degree in the Tourism which she decided was not sufficient for her outgoing and vibrant personality . She moved to the united states where began working in customer service and after a few years began to re-evaluate her life goals. At this time Tali discovered her passion was within beauty industry when her friends began asking for makeovers. She enjoyed the possibility of transformation and soon enrolled into beauty school discovering hidden talents that she was unaware she possessed. Excelling in haircolor, haircutting, Nail care and Natural haircare; She met Rosemary and they instantly became friends and discovered they had similar goals and interests. After completing the program she received her cosmetology license and established a business partnership with Rosemary which developed into Driz Hair Salon.